We make things up on stage, but we plan things well behind the scenes…


2019 Festival Team

The New Zealand Improv Festival has rad bunch of production, admin, and marketing champs bringing NZIF 2019 to the stage in October at BATS Theatre. Read more about us here.


Jennifer O’Sullivan
Festival Director

D’ Woods
Production Manager

Campbell Wright
Production Assistant

Liam Kelly
Musical Director

Matt Powell
Online Registrations Coordinator and Designer

Beth Taylor
Marketing Manager

James Cain

Emma Maguire
Festival Assistant

Julian Sewell
Participant Liaison
(VUW MFA Internship)

Laura Irish
Workshop Coordinator

Guanny Liu-Prosee
Youth Co-Coordinator

Nina Hogg
Youth Co-Coordinator


Festival Presenters

Submissions have closed for NZIF 2019.


Lisa Garrity (Waiheke)
Matias Avaca (Auckland)
Matt Powell (Wellington)
Amy Moule (Melbourne)
Jonathan Briden (Christchurch)
Dr. Lori Leigh (Wellington)
Carrie Thiel (Wellington)
Emma Brittenden (Christchurch)
Luke Rimmelzwaan (Brisbane)
Joana Ponder (Auckland)
Christine Brooks (Wellington)
Olivia (Auckland)
Ian Harcourt (Wellington)
Jeremy Nelson (Wellington)
Laura Irish (Nelson)
Austin Harrison (Wellington)
Tara Swadi (Wellington)
Brenna Dixon (Melbourne)
Bryce Halliday (Sydney)
Brendon Bennetts (Christchurch)
Anke Zondag (Auckland)
Darryn Woods & Jaklene Vukasinovic (Wgtn/Melb)
Claudia Pantani (Australia)
Karina Kokonut
Liz Butler
Mario Hannah and Broni Lisle (Melbourne)
Nikkie Karki (Nelson)

Jason Geary (Melbourne)
Rik Brown (Melbourne)
Susan Williams (Wellington)
Amy Moule (Melbourne)
Takayuki Ueda (Osaka)
Jim Fishwick (Melbourne)
Amy Crawford & Merriden Varrall (Canberra)
George Fenn (Wellington)
Lyndon Hood (Wellington)

Mahua Improv (Auckland)
Impulse Theatre (Christchurch)
Improsaurus (Dunedin)
Best on Tap (Wellington)
Corporation Theatre (Brisbane)
Improv Theatre Sydney


Board of Trustees

The New Zealand Improv Trust oversees the management of the New Zealand Improv Festival.


Tai Samaeli (Chair)

Amy Davison