The Story Cabaret hails to Wellington from Christchurch

Derek Flores - The Story Cabaret - Meegwai Productions publicity image.JPG

New Zealand Improvisation Festival features a night of solo stories woven with truth and heartbreak, then sprinkled with whimsy in The Story Cabaret on Tuesday 6 October at 8.30pm at BATS Theatre. Presented by Meegwai Productions, this enchanting act featuring The Unicorn, Derek Flores, and guests will leave audience members lost in a most luxurious desire for story. 

Meegwai Productions is dedicated to creating and providing unique and memorable comedic events. Hailing from Christchurch, New Zealand, Derek Flores and his guests have over 50 years of experience in improvisation. Flores’ dedication to New Zealand Improvisation led to his position as the Artistic Director when the Festival began in 2008. 

Their show is an evening of solo storytelling, inviting audience members to spin a true story based on the evenings theme; part improvisation, part truth telling, and all story.

Flores says, “This show is a late night cabaret where in the eponymous Unicorn hosts
accompanied by guests, the stories take on a feel of a long ago forgotten cabaret lost at the rainy end of the street. You’ll be left with bitter sweet stories to warm you up.” 

"Flores is a magnificent improviser and storyteller, intertwining genuine pathos with mincing, snarky bathos and swiftly incorporating everything from interjections from the audience to the bellowing of drunks outside. Apart from the fact that he is very funny, Flores has a great talent for building nuanced, believable characters from detail and subtle movement, and for creating a relatable world that feels both quotidian and cinematic in its scope. Each moment, even the most flippantly and obviously added, feels earned within the world of the story." -Theatreview

The Story Cabaret is part of the New Zealand Improvisation Festival 2015 at BATS Theatre. For booking enquiries, visit the BATS Theatre website

For media enquiries, please contact Festival Publicist, Pippa Drakeford // 0224762036