7 Rules to creating the perfect Mixtape

Best on Tap have created 7 rules to create the perfect playlist of all time. Mixtape features for the first time in one show only as part of the New Zealand Improvisation Festival 2015 at BATS Theatre on Wednesday 7 October at 9pm.

The Mixtape: That song, it always reminds you of that time when you...Or that song when it made you fall in love with... there are so many songs that remind you of so many memories of the different connections through life. The Mixtape is a trip down memory lane, inspired by lyrics of popular songs through the 70's, 80, 90's as improvised memories come to life.

Wellington’s Best on Tap improvisors will re-imagine those very songs and will make connections for audience members in a way that only music knows how.

The 7 Best on Tap Rules for creating the perfect Mixtape:

  1. Have an audience to select the songs.
  2. Select a theme.
  3. Willing improvisors.
  4. Mix it up - it's called a mixtape after all.
  5. Feel free to hum along.
  6. Know your listener.
  7. Never underestimate the power of a mixtape.

Best on Tap has been together for a little over a year and are made up of some of the top improvisors from the Wellington improvisation scene. Their tight knit group works together to test something new and exciting by jamming with a more consistent core cast. The consistent cast work closely together to further develop ideas and push their work further on numerous levels.

Mixtape is a part of the New Zealand Improvisation Festival 2015 at BATS Theatre. For booking enquiries, visit the BATS Theatre website bats.co.nz

For media enquiries please contact Festival Publicist Pippa Drakeford
pippa.drakeford@gmail.com // 0224762036

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