Spotlight On: Lliam Amor

An actor, designer, director and a founding member of Impro Melbourne, he is an obsessive fan of all things improvised. Lliam has taught improvisation for well over a decade and currently teaches at Deakin University where he has a Bachelor of Education in Drama and Media.

Theatre credits includes: The Rule of Three, Late Night Impro, Gorilla Theatre and his solo show ‘The Ronin’. He has won the Australian National Theatresports Competition twice and took out the International Maestro Championship at the 4th International Improvisation Theatre Festival in Belgium. On television he has appeared in Neighbours, Underbelly, Thank God You’re Here, Hawke, The Micallef Program, Micro Nation, You’re Skitting Me and many TV commercials.

Why are you excited about coming to NZIF?    
New faces, methods, learning opportunities and performance fun times.

What do you get out of festivals like NZIF (or NZIF specifically)?    
Validation, adulation, speculation, trepidation, improvisation.

Best thing about improv is:    
It is a never ending ride, where the player accumulates knowledge, friends and experiences for the rest of their life. Also - no lines to learn - bonus!

Catch Lliam across NZIF 2016: 4-8 October at BATS Theatre.

Jennifer AliceComment