Financial Assistance 2019


We are delighted to announce NZIF 2019’s financial assistance programme, which we hope will lower some barriers to participation. We have several areas in which we offer support, as you'll see below, and we invite applications from any New Zealand based improvisors who would otherwise not be able to attend. We especially encourage applications from improvisors often underrepresented at NZIF, including Māori and Pasifika, LGBTQI*, and people with disabilities.

You are welcome to apply for more than one of the below options.

Workshop Grants (30 workshops available)

Individuals can receive a 1-3 workshop package valued at up to $150, which includes:

  • 1-3 workshops

  • Festival lanyard

  • Access to all social and networking events

You can apply for these as your whole festival package, or you can buy one or more workshops and apply for a few more as a kind of 'top up'. We'll ask you more in the form.

Travel Grants

We offer participants anywhere between $10 and $100 towards transport costs incurred getting yourself to NZIF. This could cover national travel (flights, trains, buses, petrol vouchers), or it could be public transport/milage from your accommodation or home during the week. Let us know where you need help, and what you think it'll cost you, and we'll go from there.

Childcare support

Funding is available to provide childcare during workshops or performances in which you are cast. We'll work with you to find the best option for you and your family. We are happy to cover care for up to 3 workshops, and any accompanying performances should you be cast. We can talk more about the logistics of this once we know what you're signed up for, and what suits you.

Other Support

Is there something that we haven't covered that would help you access the festival? We are eager to hear from you and do what we can, whether that's throw money at the problem until it goes away or find another solution.

Now... Get started on your application!

Apply for Financial Assistance here.

Mostly we'll ask for basic details about you, and about what you need from travel or childcare. The deadline for applications is 20 September 2019, and we'll let you know what we're able to fund by September 23.

PS: If you're applying for workshops, go ahead and register at from 1 September, and select 'Internet Banking'. Our date for letting you know what we can do is before the date workshops get allocated so you won't be locked into anything you don't want to do.