Festival Feedback Welcomed

We had a spectacular time this year at NZIF and we hope you did too. Our art is so fleeting, but it is wonderful to share these experiences with a delighted audience. 

There are times, however, when the work gets away from us and the shows become beasts different to those imagined. This year was the first year we operated with a Code of Conduct [full text at the link] for our participants and performers, and it's been a challenging and rewarding conversation as we ensure our work is accessible, diverse, and respectful of each other and of our audience. 

We would like to open this conversation to you: our audience, supporters and critics. If you attended a festival performance and would like to give feedback about any experiences you had that may not have lived up to the expectations of our Code of Conduct, or instances where you saw performers exceed those expectations, we would like to hear from you and learn from your responses. Your feedback will be handled as anonymously or as openly as you choose. 

If you like, you may also contact the festival director Jennifer O'Sullivan directly on producer@nzimprovfestival.co.nz.

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We have asked for your details so we can contact to clarify dates/times if necessary, but this is optional. If you do include them but wish to remain anonymous moving forward, we will absolutely respect your decision.
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