Spotlight On: Katherine Weaver

Katherine Weaver is an improvisor, actor, teacher and director from Melbourne. She has been improvising with Impro Melbourne for over 10 years and is currently co-artistic director. She has performed for many seasons with Impro Melbourne in such shows as Theatresports™, Gorilla Theatre™ and Maestro™.

Why are you excited about coming back to NZIF?    
NZIF is an exciting chance to collaborate and watch some of the best Improvisers in New Zealand. I love to push and improve myself as a performer and what better way than to work with the best!

Your show (with Wiremu Tuhiwai) deals with some pretty big subjects. What are you hoping to achieve with that work?
I hope Death Comes To Us All inspires the audience to tell people they love them and to live knowing they are going to die. So many people treat life like its never ending and waste their days doing things over and over that they don't like. All of us will die but it is our choice how we live. 

Catch Katherine across NZIF 2016: 4-8 October at BATS Theatre.

Jennifer AliceComment