Spotlight On: Jonathan Briden

Jonathan Briden (Christchurch) is a veteran performer, teacher, and director, with almost 30 years of improvisation, dozens of shows, and over 1,000 performances. He has taught improvisation across 4 continents, and established improv groups in England, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. He has worked extensively with many of the great teachers of modern day improvisation, including David Razowsky, Bobbi Block, Keith Johnstone, Uta Plate, Steve Jarand, and many more.

Combining this with his own in-depth knowledge of three decades of improvisation, he brings a unique approach to improvisation that is real, compelling, and utterly, unashamedly human.

Here’s a quick-fire question round with Jon!

Why are you excited about coming to NZIF?    
It's the friendliest festival in the world!

What do you get out of festivals like NZIF (or NZIF specifically)?
A chance to hang out with my tribe.

Best thing about improv is:    
The freedom to be anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Catch Jon across NZIF 2016: 4-8 October at BATS Theatre.

Jennifer AliceComment