Spotlight On: Cale Bain

Cale is the Artistic Director of Improv Theatre Sydney, the improv director of Whose Line Is It Anyways Australia (yes- the TV show!) and was the Director of Training with Impro Australia. He was the founding Artistic Director of FULL BODY CONTACT NO LOVE TENNIS, running longform improv weekly for almost a decade in Sydney. He's directing our late night show, Kiddie Time!

Why are you excited about coming to NZIF?    
Oooo, to play with friends and new friends, to make new friends and see old friends, to play and see friends and audiences, to make audiences new friends, to be an audience to my friends, and because improv's the best.

What do you get out of festivals like NZIF (or NZIF specifically)?    
I get a renewed sense of the possibilities of improv. I'm always hopeful that there're more nooks and crannies to improv yet to be explored and new things I can find out about my colleagues and myself through improv. Plus, FUN!

Best thing about improv is:
When you don't even know what you just did or what you just saw, but you know it was amazing. 

Catch Cale across NZIF 2016: 4-8 October at BATS Theatre.

Jennifer AliceComment