Spotlight On: Peter Nordstrand

Peter Nordstrand is a Swedish actor and improviser. He owns and operates Scenkonstakademin, is the founder of Improfest Sweden, and co-founder of Improbootcamp. He has performed in, written, directed, improvised, translated and produced shows since the 80s. He has worked with, among others Improverket, Gbgimpro and Improvisation & co in Sweden.

A member of improv troupes Scent ID and with Le Swe-des, he regularly performs and teaches abroad. He has performed in Germany, England, Ireland, and Finland. Peter has spent hundreds of hours teaching everything from absolute beginners to seasoned professional. He has trained actors and performers in improvisational techniques on behalf of the Public Employment Service in Gothenburg, Sweden. He teaches acting at Performing Arts School in Gothenburg and he regularly coaches local improv troupes of all levels.

Why are you excited about coming to NZIF?    
To meet other improvisors, old friends and new acquaintances alike. Also I am very excited about visiting New Zealand for the very first time. Looking forward to trying the local craft beer.

What do you get out of festivals like NZIF (or NZIF specifically)?    
I get very inspired by watching shows that I would not have seen had it not been for the festival. Every time I learn something new, I see something new, and experience interesting ways of approaching the art of improvisation. Maybe, if I am very lucky, I get to inspire someone else as well. Also, all this traveling looks great on my resume.

Best thing about improv is:    

Catch Peter across NZIF 2016: 4-8 October at BATS Theatre.

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