Spotlight On: Wiremu Tuhiwai

Wiremu Tuhiwai is an improvisor, actor, teacher and a co-creative director of the Wellington Improvisation Troupe. He has been improvising within the windy borders of Wellington for just shy of 10 years. He has performed for many seasons with Wellington Improvisation Troupe and with Best on Tap.

Why are you excited about coming back to NZIF?    
Always great to banter with different ideas and see what sticks and what ends up making an appearance next year.

What do you get out of festivals like NZIF (or NZIF specifically)?    
Collaborative possibilities, ideas, new inspirations it is really a plethora of so many ideas.

Best thing about improv is:    
The feeling of not knowing if what you said or happen will spark something new is very exhilarating.

Catch Wiremu across NZIF 2016: 4-8 October at BATS Theatre.


Jennifer AliceComment