Spotlight On: The Team at Ink Digital


Ink Digital ( recently moved from their shaky building on Marion St to some sweet new digs on Wigan St, and even with the upheaval they still found time to be one of our rad NZIF 2017 sponsors <3 If you've seen our posters or brochures out in the world, or get your hands on one of our sweet badges, you've seen their work. 

Tell us a bit about your company and what you do
At Ink, Wellingtonians and people from around Aotearoa bring us nice pictures they've made, and we do our best to fight entropy and turn them into tidy arrangements of ink that get splattered neatly onto paper and wood and metal and things for your eyes to look at.

Who do you most want us to brag to about your support for NZIF? 
Our favourite people are those who bring us unique images of things we've never seen before, and like seeing their words, drawings, and photos made up of microscopic dots of colour and applied to fun materials.

Does the company improvise in daily life? What does that look like?
We're often brought very concrete plans for print and designs that will absolutely never work, or look horrible, or cost thousands of dollars to produce. We then work with people to make their images look nice, cost less, and get them printed to something fun – almost always within a day or so.

What show are you most excited to see? Why?
We're excited about the return of Improdome – it was great fun last year, and amazingly impressive to see so many talented folk with so much energy night after night.

Who do you admire in the improv/comedy/theatre world? 
Anyone who can make it onto the stage, exude confidence, and feel comfortable in front of hundreds of unblinking eyes.

What's your improvisational guilty pleasure?
Convincing prop work, even though it's just mime in disguise.

Ink Digital are one of our wonderful sponsors for NZIF 2017. We couldn't have done this festival without you! Check out our full programme and book your tickets now at BATS Theatre.