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Spotlight On: Takayuki 'Taka' Ueda

Takayuki Ueda is an improvisor based in Osaka, Japan and the director of Impact 360 Improv. He has improvised for 16 years, and in the last four has travelled internationally to perform improvisation in six countries. Taka taught and performed at New Zealand Improv Festival 2015 with his creative partner Ronald Pabst (Cologne) and is delighted to be returning to direct Shibuya Scramble Crossing.

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Spotlight On: Rik Brown

Rik Brown has been a member of Impro Melbourne for the past 15 years. He has taught and performed improvisation throughout Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, Italy, Germany and The Netherlands. Rik is known for his mischievous style, sharp mind and strong grasp of Character and Narrative. He brings a playful and engaging approach to the art of improvisation.

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